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During operation, avoid touching the lens and laser rangefinder with bare hands. After measurement, the lens cap should be covered to reduce dust adhesion and accidental scratches.

Clean the device with air blowing tools and professional lens cleaning tools, do not wipe with paper towels or rags, so as not to scratch the lens.



After measurement, the device should be unmounted and boxed for storage.

  • Loosen the locking screw on the tripod head and remove the VDA body. Hold the crossbar with both hands (for the 2D device, hold the Hawkeye Box) and place it in the corresponding position in the device case.

  • Gently tighten the screws of the device, check that all accessories are present, then close the lid of the case. Do not press strongly when closing the lid as this may damage the device.

Storage environment

  • The device should be stored in a ventilated, dry, shock-proof, fog-proof, dust-proof indoor environment, and should not be subjected to pressure, freezing, moisture or high temperature, and should not be close to a stove or heating pipe.

  • After using the device in a humid environment, the surface of the device should be wiped clean of moisture and stains, and placed in a ventilated indoor environment to dry thoroughly. After the device is completely dry, it can be boxed and stored again.

  • Avoid storing the device under high or low temperatures, avoid sudden changes in the temperature around the device. When there is a big difference in temperature, wait for the device to adapt to the ambient temperature before using it.