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The VDA (Visual Displacement Analyzer) System, developed by RVBUST Inc., adopts DIC core algorithms to achieve highly accurate real-time measurements of 2D and 3D displacements, deformations, strains, vibrations, velocities, accelerations, etc.

RVBUST technical support team provides VDA users with tutorial videos and the following documentation.

  • Safety Notes

  • Quick Setup

  • Hardware User Manual

  • Software User Manual

Before using, it is recommended to watch the tutorial videos, read the Safety Notes, and read the Quick Setup to learn the basic procedures.

For more information on the VDA products, installation steps, and maintenance instructions, refer to: VDA Hardware User Manual.

To learn how to use the VDA Rigid Analyzer/VDA Strain Analyzer software for calibration and analysis, Please contact RVBUST sales/technical support for the VDA Software User's Manual.

Tutorial Videos

  • Before use, it is recommended to watch the VDA tutorial videos to learn how to use the product correctly and safely.

Product Introduction

VDA Systems include the VDA Rigid Body Motion Analyzer and VDA Full-Field Strain Analyzer, configurations are available as All-in-one or Split. VDA Systems support 2D/3D calibration and analysis.

VDA Rigid Body Motion Analyzer
Ultra-high accuracy,
Ultra-long range,
Large field of view,
Real-time analysis,
Fast calibration
Wind tunnel, shaker table, fatigue test, hysteresis curve, structural model static and dynamic loads, transmission tower and transmission line model loading, wave current flume test, underwater models
VDA Full-Field Strain Analyzer
Ultra-high accuracy,
Three-dimensional analysis,
High-speed acquisition,
Fast calibration
Tensile, compression, shear, bending, fatigue testing, hysteresis curve, structural model static and dynamic loads, high temperature tensile, Brazilian disc, centrifuge slope test, mining simulation test, cupping test

For product details, visit RVBUST VDA product page:

For more product information and application examples, visit RVBUST official website: