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Safety Precautions


The RVC 3D Area Scanner is compliant with CE, FCC standards, and IP65 rated.

The RVC-G Laser Scanner is classified as Laser Class 3B.

Warning Label



icon-Laser The RVC-G Scanner uses a high-intensity Class 3B laser projector. Do not look directly into the laser beam, this may cause injury to the retina.


icon-LED The RVC-P/I Scanner uses a high-intensity LED projector. Do not look directly into the beam, this may cause eye irritation or injury.

Safety Instructions


Use the power adapter provided with the scanner. Otherwise, it may cause permanent damage to the scanner.


Do not modify, disassemble or repair the scanner by yourself without our authorization; the resulting damage and loss are not covered by the product warranty.

  • It is strictly prohibited to place flammable or explosive or other dangerous goods near the scanner; do not place the scanner in an open fire or in a high temperature environment.

  • Do not use the scanner in a high or low temperature environment. Scanner operating temperature range: 0~45 ℃.

  • Do not immerse the scanner in water or store it in very humid environments.

  • Use the scanner indoors in a ventilated and open area, away from direct sunlight or other strong light sources.

  • Please check the scanner carefully before use to ensure that it is in normal working condition. When there is a strange odor, smoke, screws falling off or damage, etc., please disconnect the power immediately to avoid danger.