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Mounting Guide

Step 1: Cut off the power supply before mounting.


Step 2: Secure the mounting plate to the desired mounting location.


Step 3: Secure the scanner to the mounting plate with M4 screws.


Step 4: Connect one end of the Ethernet cable (or USB cable) to the scanner and the other end to the PC.


Step 5: Connect the AC power cord and DC power cord to the power adapter.


Step 6: Connect the scanner to the power adapter with the power cable.


Step 7: Before turning on the power, it is recommended that the scanner be grounded.


Step 8: Turn on the power. The light machine will be lit.


Mounting Precautions

Before use, please remove the protective film on the lenses.

  • The cameras have been calibrated, do not disassemble the cameras during installation, do not touch the lens by bare hands to prevent dirt and scratches, which may affect the imaging quality.

  • When the scanner is mounted on a robotic arm or other mobile device, the DC power cord and communication cable connected to the scanner should be fixed properly. This is to prevent the cable or plug from getting damaged .

  • When connecting the USB scanner to a computer, make sure the port is USB 3.0.

  • When connecting the GigE scanner to a computer, make sure all network devices support Gigabit Ethernet.

Status LEDs

Device activity and status can be determined through the activity of the LEDs.

GigE scanner LEDs

USB scanner LEDs

Location Color LED Purpose Status
LED 1 Orange Ethernet/USB speed On: Less than 1000 Mbps
Off: 1000 Mbps/Error
LED 2 Blue Scanner status On: Standby
Flashing: Capturing
Off: Error
LED 3 Green Ethernet/USB status On: Cable connected
Off: Cable unconnected
LED 4 Green Power status On: Cable connected
Off: Cable unconnected
LED 5 Blue Reserved /
LED 6 Blue Reserved /