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Environmental Conditions

installation Environment


The RVC Scanner should be installed in a room temperature environment, the appropriate ambient temperature is 0~40 ℃. High temperatures, humidity, and acidic or alkaline aerosol environments will have an impact on the service life and function of the scanner. If the scanner must be installed in a high temperature environment, additional heat dissipation measures are required to avoid measurement errors caused by high temperatures.

Dust Protection

The RVC Scanner should be installed in a less dusty environment as much as possible, in order to reduce the number of times the machine is dusted and cleaned, to protect the accuracy of high-precision product measurements, and to prolong the life cycle of the equipment.

Lens Protection

For the spraying environment, it is necessary to consider lens protection to avoid paint remaining on the surface of the lens, affecting the imaging quality.

Power Supply

  • Working voltage

    The normal working voltage of the RVC Scanner is DC 12~24 V. Please select the appropriate power adapter according to the nameplate and instructions of the product.

  • Preventing electromagnetic interference

    Stabilized voltage and current contribute to the stable operation of 3D scanners and vision inspection equipment. When there are high-power devices working together in the vicinity, it is necessary to consider wrapping the wire harness with separate isolation and grounding the scanner.

  • Power on/off

    During use, system power on/off operation should be performed after the product software stops running and the scanner is disconnected, avoid forced power on/off operation.

Capturing Environment

  • The RVC 3D Area Scanner is suitable for indoor environments and should be free of smoke and fast moving objects within the working range.

  • The scanner must remain stationary during the capturing process to avoid shaking to affect the capturing effect.

  • Keep the scanner and the object to be captured stationary during the capturing, avoid hand-held capturing.

  • This product is not suitable for capturing transparent objects (such as glass, water, etc.) and moving objects.