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RVC SDK Overview

RVC SDK software development kit provides rich example codes. Through RVC API, the scanner can be controlled to acquire 3D point cloud data, depth maps, 2D images, etc.. RVC SDK supports HALCON, VisionPro, OpenCV and other third-party libraries, which can meet the diversified needs of users for secondary development.


System Requirements

Recommended Minimum
System 64-bit Windows 10/Debian 10/Ubuntu 18.04 or above 64-bit Windows 10/Debian 9
Processor Intel i7 Intel i5

Network Requirements

  • Recommended: Intel PCIe Gigabit NICs (electrical, copper), e.g. Intel I350, Intel 82571, 82545, 82576, etc.

  • Not recommended: Realtek NICs (all series), some Intel NICs (such as Intel 82574L, Intel Pro/1000PM, etc.).

For network cards that are not listed, effects will be dependent on the actual trial results.

CUDA Version Requirements

  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 980 or better

  • CUDA version: CUDA 11.1 or above


To run the examples, you need to install RVCManager, please refer to RVCManager - Software Installation for download and installation steps. On Windows system, it is not recommended to install RVCManager on disk C.

Before operation, it is recommended to connect the device in RVCManager and test the capturing effect. After confirming that it is normal, disconnect the device and close RVCManager.


When updating the RVCManager version, it is recommended to uninstall the old version and delete the RVC SDK folder before installing. If you override the installation directly, it may result in an error in the SDK configuration.

Image Acquisition Process

The logic flowchart for the RVC Scanner capture is shown below.


Error Codes

The RVC run status codes are shown in the following table. The .csv file for the error codes is located in the RVC installation directory:

Windows: /RVCSDK/docs/ErrorCode.csv

Linux: /opt/RVC/docs/ErrorCode.csv

Value Description
0 RVC is operating normally.
1 Upper computer error.
2 Upper computer crc error.
3 Upper computer data error.
4 Hardware error. Please check if the device is disconnected or occupied.
5 The upper computer is not connected.
6 The upper computer is not supported.
7 Device initialization failed.
8 Upper computer connection timeout.
9 Upper computer overflow error.
10 The upper computer is not supported.
11 Upper computer cannot find data.
12 Upper computer network exception.
13 The upper computer is busy.
14 Device is occupied.
100 The camera is not turned on.
101 The camera is not opened.
102 X1 timeout.
103 X1 system invalid.
104 X1 cid is invalid.
105 X1 has been opened.
106 X1 Failed to save camera parameters.
107 X1 Failed to read camera parameters.
200 The camera is invalid.
201 The camera has been turned on.
202 The camera has been turned off.
203 The camera is not on.
204 The camera is disconnected.
205 The camera is occupied by another application.
206 The scanner is connected to a USB2.0 port. Reconnect and make sure the scanner is connected to a USB3.0 port.
207 Camera capture transfer error.
208 Insufficient images were captured.
209 Camera packet loss.
210 Camera not found.
211 The scanner is not a USB model.
212 The scanner is not a GigE model.
213 The camera is not ready to capture.
214 The camera does not exist or is connected to a USB2.0 port.
215 Camera capture timed out.
216 The camera is busy and still capturing.
217 Function is currently inaccessible or device access mode error.
218 Invalid interface call, specifically a software interface logic error.
219 Camera ROI parameter error.
250 The light machine is not valid.
251 The light machine is not turned on.
300 Device not turned on.
301 Device is invalid.
302 Check if the trigger cable is not disconnected.
303 Please check if the left and right cameras are configured correctly.
304 Light machine projection timeout.
305 Light machine error.
350 The camera is not turned on.
351 The camera is not opened.
352 X2 has been opened.
353 There is no dual cameras for X2.
354 X2 system invalid.
355 X2 cid is invalid.
356 Image index of X2 is invalid.
357 X2 The dual camera do not have equal pixel sizes.
400 Value is out of range.
401 This parameter is not supported.
402 This enumeration value is not supported.
403 This camera type is not supported, only Basler and Hikvision cameras are currently supported.
404 Failed to allocate memory.
405 Failed to get packet size.
406 Failed to get network transport layer.
407 Failed to create MV handle.
408 Failed to set IP.
409 Network error.
410 The interface is not supported, currently only USB3.0 and network ports are supported.
411 Network broadcast failed.
412 camera enumeration value error.
413 An exception occurred in the RVC.
414 The customer coordinate system parameters were set incorrectly.
415 Failed to capture raw image, image data is invalid.
416 Input data error.
417 Null pointer error.
418 2D and 3D exposure time must be ≥11 ms for white light projection.
500 An error has occurred in RVC.
501 The image format is not supported.
502 Auto HDR failed, no suitable parameter could be found. Please make sure that there are some clouds in the ROI and that the target object is within the working distance.
503 Auto clustering denoising failed, probably because the point cloud quality is too poor. Please improve the point cloud quality first or adjust the parameter manually.
600 Failed to import parameter file.
601 The format of the imported parameter file is wrong.
602 The capturing mode of the imported parameter file is not supported.
603 The camera options of the imported parameter file do not match the current one.