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This chapter describes the configuration requirements and installation method of RVCManager.


System Requirements

Recommended Minimum
System 64-bit Windows 10/Debian 10/Ubuntu 18.04 or above 64-bit Windows 10/Debian 9
Processor Intel i7 Intel i5

Network Requirements

  • Recommended: Intel PCIe Gigabit NICs (electrical, copper), e.g. Intel I350, Intel 82571, 82545, 82576, etc.

  • Not recommended: Realtek NICs (all series), some Intel NICs (such as Intel 82574L, Intel Pro/1000PM, etc.).

For network cards that are not listed, effects will be dependent on the actual trial results.

CUDA Version Requirements

  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 980 or better

  • CUDA version: CUDA 11.1 or above

Download and Installation

Please contact technical support or sales for the latest RVCManager installation package, or visit RVBUST download center at to download the installation package for the adapted system.

If you have already installed RVCManager, it is recommended to delete the SDK folder and reinstall it after updating the software version to avoid installation failure.

Installation Package Naming Rules

  • Windows: RVCSetup_(version)_(date)_(type).exe

  • Linux: RVCSetup_(version)_(date)_(type).deb

Installation Steps

  • Windows: Double-click the installation package file, follow the wizard to complete the installation of software and drivers.

  • Linux: Go to the path where the installation package is located, execute the following commands to complete the software installation. Please modify the command according to the version name of the package you downloaded.

    sudo dpkg -i RVCSetup_(version)_(date)_(type).deb

For common installation problems, see Troubleshooting - Software.