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Saving Data

This chapter describes how to open a local point cloud using RVCManager, and how to save the captured/processed point cloud locally.

Open File

You can open a local point cloud file in .ply format by using the menu bar → File → Open File or clicking the icon-OpenFile shortcut button, and the viewing operation is the same as that of the current capturing point cloud.

After opening the point cloud, you can modify the display color (solid color/pixel color/heatmap/pseudo-color), the range of the point cloud/heatmap, and the size of a single point, the modified point cloud can be saved again.

Save File

You can save the currently selected preview data by menu bar → File → Save File, or by clicking the icon-SaveFile shortcut button. When saving data, you can choose point cloud, depth map, 2D image, cache data and other file types.


Save Point Cloud: You can choose the save format, numerical unit, point cloud range, invalid point processing method, normal vector, point cloud color and other information.

Save Depth Map: Save the depth map as .tif format, and you can select the numerical unit.

Save 2D Image: Save the captured 2D image as .png format.

Save Cache Data: When you need to compare the capturing information quickly, you can choose to keep the cache data (including point cloud, capture parameters, depth map, etc.) to the software. The cached data will not be saved to the hard disk, and the information will be lost after closing the software, so please check the save type.

Save All: Click [Save All] to save the point cloud, depth map and 2D image of the current capturing at the same time.