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RVCManager v1.8.3

  • Added

    • Point cloud working range detection: detect whether the point cloud is within the camera working distance range.
  • Improved

    • Log file is devided into SDK.log and Manager.log.

    • AntiInter-Reflection Mode: Optimize firmware version detection. For cameras below the required firmware version, the AntiInter-Reflection Mode is blocked.

RVCManager v1.8.2

  • Added

    • AntiInter-Reflection Mode: Optimize the projection pattern, reduce the structured light calculation errors caused by multiple reflections.

    • Multi-Language: Display language can be switched to Chinese/English.

  • Improved

    • Z-Truncate: Z-Truncate parameters can be set under Camera Coordinate System and Calibration Board Coordinate System.
  • Fixed

    • Optimize UI resolution adaptation, compatible with 150% scaling ratio.

RVCManager v1.8.0

  • Added

    • Detect CAL Board: Recognize the pixel position and spatial position of the calibration marker center in 2D image + 3D point cloud.

    • Z-Truncate: You can set the Truncate Z Lower Limit and Truncate Z Upper Limit to filter out the point cloud outside the range.

    • Bilateral Filtering: You can set the BF Kernal Size, BF Depth Sigma and BF Space Sigma to filter noise.

  • Improved

    • Adjust the software packaging method, the size of Windows installation package is adjusted from 390M to 110M.
  • Fixed

    • Restore the Loss package Compensation to avoid inconsistent support effect of different devices.

RVCManager v1.7.0

  • Added

    • Scan Times: Support multi-frame fusion version of G Series scanners, anti-interference ability is greatly improved.

    • HDR Parameters: New parameters such as Brightness, Gain, Scan Times, etc. are added, and the dynamic range of imaging is enhanced.

  • Improved

    • Optimize the display of RVCManager interface, and the details of UI operation are more reasonable.

RVCManager v1.6.0

  • Added

    • Auto IP Configuration: Automatically adjusts the IP and port of the device, making it easier to connect new devices.

    • Firmware Upgrade: Firmware can be upgraded through RVCManager, old version scanners can use new features through firmware upgrade.

    • 3D point cloud display: added point cloud color, background color, auxiliary display, view adjustment and optimized mouse rotation operation.

    • Post-processing Parameters: confidence denoising parameters (Confidence Threshold) and clustering denoising parameters (Clustering Distance, Clustering Points) are added to optimize the point cloud quality.

    • Customer Coordinate System: Support for setting parameters and real-time display, which can effectively adjust the direction and position of the point cloud.

    • Parameter Import/Export: parameters can be saved as configuration files and reused.

    • Laser Scanner Capturing Mode: Newly support Ultra/Robust Capture Mode of laser scanners.

  • Improved

    • Overall interface changes: adjusted the content and layout, optimized the style, adjusted the software logo and icon.
  • Fixed

    • Reconstruction of the software, and fixed the known defects.