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RVC Introduction

RVC 3D Area Scanner, developed by RVBUST Inc. , adopts structured light technology to acquire 3D information of the scene, which can provide high quality point cloud for objects of different sizes, colors and materials under complex environmental light. Used in conjunction with the RVC SDK software development kit, the scanner can be controlled to acquire 3D point cloud data, depth maps, 2D images, etc.

RVC 3D Area Scanners include the RVC-P Series, RVC-I Series, and RVC-G Series, which are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industrial application. Product models, appearence and optional accessories can be customized.

Series Features Applications Datasheet Product Introduction
Binocular, high accuracy, IP65 protection High-accuracy visual localization applications. RVC-P Brochure RVBUST RVC-P
Monocular, high accuracy, compact size, IP65 protection Inspection, measurement, and other applications that require high accuracy. RVC-I Brochure RVBUST RVC-I
Monocular, laser scanner, large field of view, anti-interference, IP65 protection Depalletizing, material sorting, loading and unloading, etc. RVC-G Brochure RVBUST RVC-G

RVC SDK software development kit includes RVCManager software and RVC API interface, RVCManager is a scanner management software developed based on RVC API interface, RVC SDK provides rich example codes, which can satisfy the diversified needs of users for secondary development.

Product Information

Documentation Index

  • To learn how to install and use the RVC 3D Area Scanners, and for information on safety instructions and maintenance, refer to: RVC User Guide.

  • To learn how to use the RVCManager software to connect the scanner, acquire image data, and optimize point cloud effects, refer to: RVCManager User Manual.

  • To learn how to use RVC SDK for secondary development, configure examples, and query RVC API, refer to: RVC SDK Manual.

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